Sunday, July 31, 2011

A long day of taping

Despite our best plans life got in the way all week preventing us from working on the room in the evening.  Thus, Saturday was designated TAPE THE ROOM day.  The color that is on the walls now will become the cement or grout between the faux stone blocks.  The first step then is to use tape to create the stone blocks. When we are done with the faux finish for the blocks and remove the tape, we'll have something that looks like grout in between them. At least that's the plan.

First step:We used a laser level with an adapter to shoot the laser as a horizontal line. Then just follow the lines with the tape. Hallway door and closet on the left.

Bathroom door.

Greyson is happy with his room so far.  

 After the horizontal lines were done we "simply" added the vertical lines! The large un-taped space will be an evening view out a magic window showing Hogwarts.

Closet and attic entrance. Someday I'd like to do something with that.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grey's New Room - It Begins.

With JellyBean due to arrive at the beginning of October, it's time to get started on Greyson's new room.  JellyBean will be getting Grey's old room with minor change: Greyson's Room will need to be changed to read whatever JellyBean's name ends up being.

After quite a few discussions Greyson finalized on a Harry Potter themed bedroom.  Traci and I had an "over the top" idea for his closet, but after extensive thought and design work by my uncle we've decided it's probably too much to tackle, at least for now.  The idea was to replace his closet doors with bookshelves on tracks that would open sliding around the angled wall towards the main door into the room.  This would then be connected to something like a garage door opened so it would open and close when triggered. Triggering would be via the Harry Potter Universal Remote Control Wand.  He could have "magically" opened and closet.  There were quite a few issues around this, and while I still believe "anything is possible", the limiting factor here is COST.

So we are moving forward with a far more modest (for us anyways) approach.

We will attempt to paint the room to look like castle stone blocks and apply "wallies" of various Harry Potter characters to the walls.  I also plan to flush mount digital picture frames with thematically appropriate framing. This will create the moving picture effect seen in the movies.

We've already procured him a new loft bed with slide and a closet organizer as well.

Today we started the painting. This is Grey's first time painting a room and he seemed to really enjoy it.

Greyson in his painting shirt:

The room tapped off:

We start Painting!

Proud little boy:

Base coat on, this will serve as the "grout":

The Beginning

I've long had a blog for my personal ramblings that I use intermittently.  Over the years I've maintained core wirewoods information on a more traditional web site.  I am now going to try something different; maintaining wirewoods specific items on this blog while maintaining my other blog for personal ramblings.  If this works out I'll migrate the content from my existing site to this format.