Sunday, March 7, 2004

Home Theater

By far the most fun project and most complex I've done.  Couldn't have done it without John Kniedel's extensive help.  Thanks to his slave driving speed, we were done with this project in only 6 weeks, start to finish.

Pictures here: Home Theater

Original Equipment:

Projector: Sharp XV-Z12000
Screen: Stewart Firehawk 100"
Speakers Fronts: Triad In-Room Silver LCR
Speakers Side Surrounds: Triad In-Wall Silver/4 Surround (dipole)
Speakers Rear Surrounds: Triad In-Wall Gold/4 Omni
Subwoofers: Dual SVS 16-46 plus Samson S-1000 Amplifier and SVS Amp Interface
AV Rack: 36" avTrak from avrack
DVD Player: Samsung DVD-HD931 – originally. But I had problems with DVI output and audio sync, This has been replaced with a Momitsui V880. I replaced its DVD-ROM drive with a LiteOn and it is region free. (search AVSForum for Momitsu and Loader replacement)
Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi
Remote Control: Phillips iPronto
Remote Control Extender: NTX6400
Cable Box: Time Warner HD DVR
Game Console: Xbox 360
PC: Self built AMD 64 3800+, 2 gigs ram, Asus Nvidia 6800Ultra, LiteOn DVD-Rom Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse.
I wasn’t able to get my center channel behind the screen as planned either, big bummer, but we must make concessions somewhere I guess.

This diagram shows the basic layout of the room. 2nd row seating is on a 12" riser. The boxes behind the 2nd row seating are for the AV rack and to store some DVD’s.

Some of the Equipment has changed over the years. The Xbox 360 was replaced with a 360 Elite when I got the red ring of death. I added an HD-DVD drive to the 360 and most recently a PS3 (MGS4 edition) that I won. The PS3 and the replacement PC used for media center are in the office adjoining the home theater with the wires running through the wall.

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